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Drawing on his many years of creating ultra-luxury, entirely bespoke homes for some of the most prominent individuals and families around the world, Tobin has distilled these details into single, showcase pieces for the home. 

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For the past 18 years with Geoffrey Bradfield, the last 7 of them in the partnership Bradfield & Tobin Global, Roric Tobin has designed for some of the most prominent clients all over the world.  Tailoring custom interiors to the most discerning and demanding tastes, Tobin brings a level of style and sophistication.  He is now focusing on the Next-Gen JetSet who want their interiors to not only reflect the level they have achieved but their own personal experiences – thoroughly tailored to the way they live.

our designs

Seen as functional art, the Limited Edition pieces are sculptural masterpieces – meant to be the focal point of a collector’s interior.  Intricately engineered and painstakingly crafted, each design will have a limited, numbered series.

The pieces in our Made-to-Order Collection are available in a wide variety of veneers and finishes.  Any piece can be made to custom dimensions.  The area rugs can be adapted to any size and come in a rainbow array of available colors to suit. 

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