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New York, NY 10022

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Set in the coveted enclave of Orient, New York, Greenfield Cottage is the first house created by Roric Tobin and his husband for themselves.  Set on a bucolic 2.5 acres and surrounded by 22 acres of pastureland, the style is a contemporary farmhouse.  Appropriate for the setting, but entirely modern in terms of function. 


Pieces from the Roric Tobin Designs furniture line are mixed together with vintage mid-century pieces and contemporary upholstery, set on rugs displaying the latest weaving techniques.  The result is an interior that is comfortable and chic; simple but sophisticated.  


A kitchen made for entertaining family, friends and guests.  Stylish accents like the double-height vertical slate fireplace and dynamic stones and tiles in the bathrooms set the house apart from standard second homes.

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